After the demise of The Breakout Band, bass player Brian Sworn was looking to start something new.

Drawing on his solid rhythmic relationship with Breakout drummer Greg Coates, in the Summer 2018 he went in search of some melodic maestros to form the classic four-piece, guitar driven band. Very quickly he tapped up guitarist and vocalist Paul Wilson, a recent arrival to the thriving local jamming scene. Paul’s boundless energy and none-too-shabby guitar skills appealed straight away – and he also can blow an occasional gob-iron as well!

Paul was on-board and another dive into the great pool of talent on the jamming scene brought Nigel Coombs to the surface. Nigel’s skills with both guitar and sax are well-known and another energetic fun guy completed the line-up.

Based around the Surrey/Sussex area, just about a year after getting together, The Boomers is one of the most popular and busy bands on the circuit.  We have great fun on stage and want the audience to have fun too.  We combine tight, high quality musicianship with some good banter

Our set list includes numbers from:

Free, Humble Pie, White Stripes, Deep Purple, Weller, Bad Company
Bowie, Oasis, Stereophonics, Tom Petty, The Knack, Hendrix, Clapton, Kings of Leon, Kinks, Clash, Stones, Beatles……

…. with much more !!

? Come and join us for an evening of fun and great music ?